• PhD in Computer Science, 2009: Charles University, Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics; Thesis title: Process mediation framework for semantic web services
  • Mgr. (eq. to M.Sc.) in Computer Science, 2003: Charles University, Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Thesis title: Artificial intelligence models in adaptive agents
  • Bc. (eq. to B.S.) in Information Technology and Information Management, 2000: University of Economics, Prague; Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

Research Interests

Service oriented architectures and systems, business processes management, AI methods

  • My research interests are primarily in the areas of service oriented architectures and systems, (Semantic) Web services, business process modeling, cloud computing, and in distributed systems. In particular, I am interested in the automation of adaptive (WS-based) business processes, process model evolution, service composition, service discovery, and in addressing interoperability problems of business processes in a (semi-)automatic manner.
  • My research builds on various artificial intelligence methods, such as AI planning, heuristic search, constraint satisfaction, logic and reasoning, ontology based knowledge representation and Semantic Web technologies. Also, I am interested in applications of adaptive agents technologies and multi-agent systems to service oriented and WS-based systems, business processes and SOA.
  • My research is applicable in areas such as services research, business processes research, mobile computing, cloud computing, or distributed sensor networks, in fields of health care, commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications, e-science, education, social networking, and others.


  • Fulbright Scholarship (Sept 2005 – May 2006): Visiting Research Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University; Project title: Architectures for Computational Software Agents
  • IBM Eminence & Excellence Award, 2013
  • IBM Services Publication Achievement Award, 2013
  • IBM Services Publication Achievement Award, 2012
  • IBM Technical Accomplishment “Fundamental Contributions to IBM Case Manager product”, 2012
  • IBM Technical Accomplishment “The Science of Business Artifacts”, 2012
  • Occasional Lecturer Program Award (CIES / Fulbright; March 2006): Support for guest lecturing at Universidad Metropolitana in San Juan, Model Institutions for Excellence
  • DAAD Scholarship (Oct 2000 – Apr 2001): University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany

Professional Experience

  • IBM Research, T.J. Watson Research Center (Research Staff Member): 2010 – present
  • The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (Visiting Research Scholar: May 2006 – Nov 2007, Fulbright Scholar: Sept 2005 – May 2006): Research in semantic web services; working with Prof. Katia Sycara; research and development in the following projects
    • DARPA Integrated Learning: Research in semantic web services & workflows (cooperating and interfacing with researchers at BBN Technologies)
    • OWL-S Matchmaker: Matchmaking and discovery of WS; data providing services (integration of WS, database and semantic web technologies); efficient algorithms for discovery of service combinations
    • OWL-S Virtual Machine: Algorithms and facilities for semantic monitoring and recovery; reasoning with service preconditions and effects
    • OWL-S API: Support for event monitoring, fault handling and recovery; SWRL API implementation
  • Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Post-doctoral Research Fellow, 2009 – 2010; Graduate Research Assistant, 2005 – 2009): Research and development focused on automated process models mediation, monitoring and recovery, web services discovery. Projects:
    • OWL-S Process Mediation Framework: Algorithms for process mediation of OWL-S based web service workflows; development of a process mediation agent to support runtime process models mediation
    • Bang 3: Participating in the development of the multi-agent system Bang3 (hybrid models of artificial intelligence)
  • College of Information Management and Business Administrationin Prague (part-time lecturer: 2004 – 2005, 2007 – present):
    • Teaching and course development: Object-oriented analysis and design; Software engineering
    • Projects development and lead: CZIndustry (fund. Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade); Integrated Learners Centric E-Learning System (EU fund.); Gate to the High School (EU fund.)
    • Independent consultant: Respekt publishing, s.r.o.
  • E-Invent, s.r.o., Prague (part-time Software Analyst and Developer of Web-based Applications, 2003 – 2005): Customers and/or projects:
    • Casablanca INT s.r.o.: analysis, review and refactoring of a CRM&ERP system
    • Pražská energetika Group (PRE): analysis and design of the interactive educational Virtual House application
    • ZPMA, a.s.: analysis at the customer’s site, deployment and customization of the CMS system
    • RPM Service, a.s.: web site redesign and optimization
    • Project Lead and Architect of the Redactor II CMS System (Java,Tomcat, Hybernate)

Awarded Funding

  • Intelligent Middle Agents for Mediation of Semantic Web Services (ME08095)
    Role: principal investigator; Budget: USD 20,100; Program: Czech Ministry of Education, ME –Kontakt;  2008 – 2010
  • Integrated Learners Centric E-Learning System for VŠMIE (CZ.2.17/3.1.00/30250)
    Role: co-PI, main author, main SW architect and technical lead; Budget: USD 241,000; Program: European Union Operational Program Prague – Adaptability; 2009 – 2010
  • Gate to the High School, An Integrated E-Learning System
    Role: main co-author; Budget: USD 337,000; Program: European Union Operational Program Education for Competitiveness; 2009 – 2011
  • Educational On-Line Encyclopedia of Recycling for Youth (MHMP-/OMZ/III-716/01/Jel)
    Role: co-PI, main architect and developer; Budget: USD  30,000; Program: City of Prague

Software Skills

  • Java, C, C++, XML, HTML, UML, SQL
  • Prolog, Lisp, Shop

Language Skills

  • English (advanced level)
  • German (“Zentralle mittelstuffe Prüfung“ Level issued by the Goethe Institute)
  • Czech (native)

Invited Talks

  • Universidad Metropolitana, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 2006: Semantic Web Technologies Application in Autonomous Software Agents
  • GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY, July 2009: Achieving adaptive business processes through semantic web services technologies


  • Conferences & Workshops Organization:
    • ICSOC 2013, 11th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (Demonstration program co-chair)
    • DAB 2012: 1st International Workshop on Data- & Artifact-centric BPM (Co-Chair)
    • CICA2012: 2nd International Conference on Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications (Conferences steering committee member)
  • Conferences & workshops program committee member:
    • ICSOC 2013: 11th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
    • BUSTECH 2013: The Third International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology
    • ICSOC 2012, Industrial Track: 10th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
    • BUSTECH 2012: The Second International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology
    • SRII 2012: Service Research and Innovation Institute Global Conference
    • CICA2012: 2nd International Conference on Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications
    • KiBP 2012: 1st International Workshop on Knowledge-intensive Business Processes
    • BPM 2011, Industrial Track: 9th International Conference on Business Process Management
    • SMR2 ‘10: Fourth International Workshop on Service Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval in the Semantic Web
    • ITAT 2009, ITAT 2010 (Program Committee Member): Information Technology Application and Theory Conference
  • Journals editorial board member:
    • International Journal of Web Science (IJWS)
  • Reviewer: VLDB Journal, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Journal of Web Semantics, JAAMAS, ACM TOSEM, EIS, IEEE SMCA, WWW 2011, IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2006, ICWS 2007), AAAI 2007, Semantic Web & Web Semantics 2007 (SWWS’07), ITAT 2009, 2010, ICNC 2009, etc.